Super villains

Slip on your spandex and strap on your utility belt! The super villains have escaped the comics! Using your wit and wiles, you must break into the very heart of darkness; transport yourself into the comic lairs of four of the city's most notorious super villains, discover the clues they've left behind and save the city... if it's not too late.



The good Doctor has always been a fan of clever games, especially over a vintage bottle of Amarone and an exquisite Foie de Veau painstakingly crafted with... extra special ingredients. After foolishly accepting an invite to one of his pretigous dinner parties, you find yourself trapped inside his dining room. Your task: crack the fiendishly clever puzzle he left behind, before the dinner bell chimes. Bon Appetit!

(Contains graphic imagery, recommended for ages 13+.)


Secret In The Attic

Everyone loves your Grandmother, including you. Baking cookies, knitting sweaters, and everything else on the good Grandmother checklist. But you've always felt that there was something off about her, she always seemed to have lived a life more adventurous than the stories told of her youth. 

Now that she’s retiring and moving out of her home, this may be your last chance to investigate. What was your sweet old Grandma hiding in the attic? The answer may change your life forever.

(This room is a wholesome experience appropriate for all ages and skill levels.)



Have you ever had a dream, that you were stuck in an escape room, that you were so sure was real? What if you were unable to wake from that dream and unable to escape? How would you know the difference between the dream world and the escape room you're trapped in? Jump down the rabbit hole to find out.



Explore the dwelling of one of the greatest literary minds of all time. As fellow scholars you’ve been sent to Poe’s residence to collect his final works after his untimely death, but upon entering you are locked in by his arch-nemesis, Rufus Griswold. Griswold plans to besmirch the good name of Poe by spreading lies and deceit about his stories and personal life. Navigate the myriad of secrets and mysteries of Poe’s Chambers to escape and preserve the legacy of a genius.

(Coming Soon)