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Escape Room Arlington has cultivated 4 unique escape room experiences that will challenge your mind and keep your heart pounding until the very end. Escape rooms are the perfect team-building challenge for any size company, and are sure to provide you team with an adventure they’ll remember forever. We offer catering packages, flexible pricing, and several different scheduling options to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch.

Private events can also be scheduled for birthday parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties, special occasions, or just a night out with friends!

Give us a call at (703) 232-2546 to set up your event.

All of corporate package includes private access to all rooms, complimentary beverages and game hosts. Our corporate hours are 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday, however in special cases we may be able to extend our private hours. (Note: Private party time slots do not show up in our "Reservations" tab.)

  1. Our One Hour Corporate Package is $40 per player for one hour of play.

  2. Our Two Hour Corporate Package is $70 per player for two hours of play OR one hour of play and one hour for catering.

  3. Our Three Hour Corporate Package is $100 per player for three hours of play OR two hours of play and one hour for catering.

    Scroll to the bottom of our “Pricing & FAQ” tab to see our catering menus and options.


Past Clients

Who adventures with us?  Perhaps who doesn't is the better question!  A glimpse at a few of our spirited clients:


Corporate Leader board

To celebrate our one-year anniversary of being in business with Arlington, we are giving the corporate group with the fastest time in one of our rooms a free, catered private event at our location at a time of their choosing. The company with the best time on June 1st will be the winner of the grand prize. Check the leader board here to see the current fastest times as well as some honorable mentions!


Current Leader: Global Cold Chain Alliance - 44 minutes and 8 seconds


2nd Place: Little Ambassadors Academy - 49 minutes and 49 seconds


3rd Place: Alkermes - 54 minutes and 1 second


Give us a call at (703) 232-2546 to set up your booking and challenge the leaders!