• How awesome is it? - Very! Check out our reviews here!

  • Do you use gift vouchers? - Of course! We love your money. Click here to purchase one. You can also click here to redeem a gift voucher.

  • How much does it cost? Tickets for our escape rooms are $28/player Private party rates are listed below.

  • Where is the online waiver? Right here! Click here to sign the waiver.

  • Do you have team-building/private party packages? Yes! All of our team building/private party packages includes private access to all rooms, the ability to start all rooms simultaneously, complimentary beverages, ability to bring in outside alcohol , and the exclusive attention of our game hosts. Our corporate hours are 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday, give us a call at (703) 232-2546 to set up a reservation! (Note: $380 minimum as a non-refundable deposit for all team building/private party events, the remainder of the cost can be paid day of event).

  1. Our One Hour Corporate package is $32 per player for one hour of play.

  2. Our Two Hour Corporate package is $60 per player for two hours of play OR one hour of play and one hour for catering.

  3. Our Three Hour Corporate package is $80 per player for three hours of play OR two hours of play and one hour for catering.

  • Food & drink? We provide complimentary beverages (soda and water) to all of our guests. A one hour catered lunch is available to our corporate groups who select the two or three hour packages (additional charges for the food do apply). Call for details. Tickets purchased will also include a free appetizer for your group at the William Jeffrey's Tavern (located next door) in your confirmation e-mail. Also, groups that escape will be given a $10 voucher to WJT to help kick-start your celebration (while supplies last)! Offers cannot be combined. Catering menus are posted at the bottom of this page.

  • When are we open? We are open to the public 5 days a week.
    Wed-Thu: 11:00 AM-8:45 PM
    Fri-Sat: 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
    Sunday: 11:00 AM-8:15 PM.
    (Mondays and Tuesdays are open for private parties and corporate team-building only).
    Our corporate/private party hours are 9:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday. If you need to get in contact with us, our office hours are 10:00 AM-5:00 PM Monday-Friday.

  • How do we find you? We can be a little tricky to find. Our full address is 2301 Columbia Pike Suite C Arlington, VA. If you do not include “Suite C” in the address, your GPS will take you to the front of the building. We are actually located on the corner of Adams St. and Columbia Pike but cannot be seen from the front of the building. You can also just type in “Escape Room Arlington” on you GPS and it will take you right to our front door.

  • Is this scary? - No, this is not a haunted maze. Although some of our rooms are a tad on the creepy side for atmosphere's sake.

  • Are cell phones allowed in the room? Yes. However please do not take photos or make calls during your experience. We try to keep our secrets, secret.

  • Is there anything else I should bring? You may be required to read text as a part of some of our clues, so if you require reading glasses we suggest bringing those. It can be chilly from time to time in our rooms so a sweater might be advisable if you're susceptible to the cold.

  • How long does this take? Participants have 60 minutes to solve all the clues and puzzles within the room. Players should arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of their scheduled play time.

  • What if I can't make it due to inclement weather? During inclement weather events we will occasionally bend the rules of our cancellation policy.

  • How does the ticketing work? Tickets are purchased online. Online bookings are made securely through Stripe and require Credit or Debit Card information at the time of purchase. Each game has a maximum number of tickets that can be purchased for each session. Tickets purchased within 1 hour of a room's start time will need to be reserved over the phone, as they will be blocked off on the website. Alternatively, you can give us a call at (703) 232-2546 and we will set up your reservation over the phone.

  • Are tickets refundable? No. Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase. You can however, change the date and time of your booking if it is more than 48 hours in advance.

  • May I purchase a ticket for someone else? Yes, as long as whomever is playing knows the name the reservation is under, they will be all set.

  • How far out can I purchase a ticket? Sessions are available for bookings 3 months in advance. If you are interested in a date farther than 3 months out, please call us at (703) 232-2546 for assistance.

  • Can I purchase all of the tickets for my group at once? Yes. Select the maximum amount of tickets available for the room. The session will then be under one person’s name.

  • Can we play the same room more than once? Yes, however, for all guests, we ask that the puzzles remain a mystery to all new teams so please do not spoil the fun and share the answers with anyone. If you succeed, try your skills in another room!

  • Is there an age limit? Yes, the suggested age to play the game is 10 years old or more. If you are under the age of 15, we REQUIRE that you are accompanied by an adult. The games are difficult and created with the intent to stump players!

  • Is there a minimum number of players required? No, but if you're lucky you'll get to join a groups of others! The more the merrier! Keep in mind, it is difficult to solve the room without the camaraderie of others.

  • We have a larger group than the capacity for each game. How can you accommodate us? If it's not a mix of groups in the room, we usually can slide 1 or 2 more people in. Just give us a call to make arrangements.

  • I am purchasing fewer tickets than maximum available for that room. Does that mean the remaining slots are filled by other guests? Yes. You may be placed into a group with other guests if your team does not fill the maximum. If you have a reason that might warrant a private experience (such as playing with young children), give us a call and we’ll take it on a case by case basis. Keep in mind, the busier the day of the week, the tougher it might be to accommodate you.

  • What if my group and I want the whole room to ourselves? Easy! If you want the whole room, you can buy out all the extra seats, or give us a call and we can set up a private event for you and your team Monday through Friday. In certain special occasions, we may be able to make exceptions to this rule.

  • What happened to the available room on the reservations page! Our booking software automatically removes a room 1 hour before it's start-time. So if you are making a last minute booking give us a call at (703) 232-2546 and we can arrange your booking over the phone.



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