How To Enter

  • All parties who hold private events between September 1st, 2019 and November 15th, 2019 will be entered automatically into the contest, unless they opt out. To find out how to book a private event, click here.

  • If a private function runs multiple rooms simultaneously, only the fastest individual room time will be entered into the contest.

How To Win

  • On November 16th, the group who had the fastest individual room time over the duration of the contest will receive the offer of another free private function hosted at Escape Room Arlington, with the catering budget included.

  • Should the first place group decline the prize, it will be instead be offered to the runner-up team, and so forth until a group accepts the prize.

The Prize

  • The winners of the contest will receive the opportunity to schedule another private function hosted by Escape Room Arlington, completely free, on the date and at the time of their choice (with restrictions). This function will be a two-hour event: one hour for playing the rooms, and one for catering.

  • The free event must be held between the hours of 11AM and 5PM on a Monday through Friday, and must be held no later than January 31st, 2020.

  • The free event has a maximum attendance of 40 people. The individuals who come to the free event do not have to be the same as those who came to the original event, nor does the free event have to have the same total number of participants as the original event.

  • During the free event, up to all four rooms can be run simultaneously. We recommend breaking up into teams of about 6 to 8 players for each room.

  • Escape Room Arlington will cover up to $500 worth of catering from the William Jeffrey’s Tavern. Any additional catering ordered past $500 will be the responsibility of the contest winners to pay. To view the William Jeffrey’s catering menu, scroll to the bottom of our Contact & FAQ page. Other catering options may be negotiated with the contest winners upon acceptance of the prize.


Remaining Time Left in Contest



First Place

Booz Allen Hamilton



Second Place

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